Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Water Heater Fire

Inspecting the wires of your home appliances is essential.  This fire was caused by wires around the heating element of heating and causing the plastic to catch fire. This fire was put out quickly but not before the whole garage was covered in soot. This led to having to remove all of the drywall and replacing it.  

Burnt Out

This shows two of our great technicians working hard cleaning the soot out of the source room of a fire. most of the walls in this room will have to come out, but we were able to save the doors in this room, and took that for a win due to the level of damage in this room.

Fire Damaged Bedroom

SERVPRO of South Garland was called out to remediate this fire damaged house. This bedroom was the source of the fire and was heavily soot damaged.  SERVPRO of South Garland was on the job, now this room and house are back to normal. 

Fire Damage Though the Vents

When a house catches on fire, the smoke and soot travel along the easiest path causing damage throughout the house. So if the air conditioning is on, the soot will get sucked though the vents and cause damage (like in the picture) throughout your home.

Save the Floor

Here you can see one of the great technicians we have as SERVPRO of South Garland cleaning soot out of carpets in order to save them after a house fire.


Get the Cobwebs Out

One of our great technicians is dry sponging a wall that had soot webs on it, making it look like it was filled with cobwebs. We get rid of the cobwebs make it "Like it never happened".