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Electrostatic Spraying for Disinfection

Electrostatic Sprayers allow us to reach the underside, the back side, and nooks or crevasses of the target surface, making it more effective than conventional sprayers. Call SERVPRO of South Garland for a free quote on professional disinfection services for your Garland, TX business. 

What is High Touchpoint Cleaning?

COVID Cleaning in Garland, TX

High touchpoint cleaning helps us to ensure that the spaces with high contact in your home or business are professionally disinfected. This in turn helps minimize the spread of viral illness.

Confirmed Case of COVID Disinfection

Professional Disinfection Services in Garland, TX

SERVPRO of South Garland offers both proactive disinfection as well as disinfection after a confirmed case of COVID in your business. We are the professionals when it comes to minimizing the spread of viral illness through disinfection.