Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Water drying equipment in room.

Repairing Your Home After a Flood

This home in Garland, TX, flooded and most rooms on the first floor were affected. Our SERVPRO of South Garland team has assisted homes and businesses rebuild after the most recent major hurricanes. It is safe to say that our team has the experience, equipment, and manpower necessary to mitigate and repair your flood damage!

Water & Storm Cleanup Experts

Ceiling Damage After Storm in Garland

After a storm in the area, our SERVPRO of South Garland team responded to a home that had suffered significant water damage after the ceiling caved in due to the weather.

South Garland is Affected by Storm Damage

When Storms Hit South Garland

Our SERVPRO of South Garland teams know how to mitigate the storm season. Severe weather can cause significant damage to our homes and businesses. Our teams are part of this community and are trained to help get your property back, "Like it never even happened." 

Working To Restore A Storm Damaged Residence

Storm Damage Restoration in Garland, TX

SERVPRO of South Garland offers 24/7 assistance after storm damage. We provide temporary mitigation to secure properties, such as board up and roof tarping. We also offer immediate water extraction services. 

Water Damaged Ceiling After A Storm

Sagging and Discolored Ceiling

SERVPRO of South Garland found the source of loss was a roof leak in this Texas home. We began removing the affected ceiling and placed drying equipment to start the water restoration process.

Collapsed Ceiling From Roof Destruction

When this roof was destroyed in a tornado in Garland, Tx. SERVPRO of South Garland was the first on site to restore this home. Due to the amount of rain fall in the storm, the drywall in the ceiling was weakened to the point of collapsing.   

Hail Coming Into the Kitchen

This is the Aftermath of a strong Hail storm in Wylie, Tx.  There was a significant amount of glass and water spread around this kitchen. This Hail Storm affected Many homes in North Texas and we were happy to help take care of our neighbors. 

Garland Tornado Storm Damage

When the F4 tornado hit Garland Texas it destroyed whole neighborhoods at a time. Here at SERVPRO of South Garland we were one of the first on the scene to clean up. The home in this picture is finally repaired and rebuilt. The owners are so excited to be back and happy that SERVPRO of South Garland was who they turned to help them in there disaster.  

Tornado Damage Rowlett

During the big F4 tornado that hit Garland, Rowlett, and Wylie Texas Last December, SERVPRO of South Garland responded to a neighbor in need. They had been hit by this monstrous tornado and needed help.  

Tornado Damage Garland

When tornados come through an area they leave a path of destruction in their wake. Most of the time the destruction is in limited areas and is relatively small for the community as a whole. This was not the case in December of 2015 when an F4 tornado touched down in Garland, Tx. It was one of 11 tornadoes to touch down that night, and left a path of wide spread destruction, devastating the community. SERVPRO of South Garland was ready to pitch in and help get the community back on its feet again.

Storm Pack Out

When storms Damage your home sometimes you have to pack it all up to save it. With SERVPRO of South Garland your belongings are just as safe as if they stayed in your house. We take time to make sure that all of your precious belongings are safe and free from any more damage by being removed from the home.