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Restoring Commercial Properties

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Commercial Properties When Disaster Strikes call SERVPRO of South Garland. (972)278-7871

Commercial water restoration requires a vastly different approach than when dealing with a residential property. That is why you need to choose a restoration company that specializes in commercial structures as well.

On a commercial property, you need to consider a few different factors which include but are not limited to building size, occupant level, age of structure and any other limitations present in the building.

  • Building size: Typically, commercial structures are larger, which expose the building to larger affected areas. For example, if a pipe bursts on the 10th floor of a commercial building, you have 10 floors plus a basement that could experience water damage. Since water follows the law of gravity, the water from the burst pipe will saturate any insulation, drywall or concrete along the preceding floors. In a residential environment, you are typically only dealing with 2 or 3 floors at the most. When choosing a restoration company, you need to make sure they are trained to handle the severity of the situation. This includes being properly equipped with the right amount of equipment to handle the loss, having enough trained staff to mitigate the damage and can complete the restoration process quickly and correctly.
  • Occupant level: In commercial buildings, you also need to consider the number of occupants, and make sure that the environment is safe. Whether you own an apartment complex or office building, your top priority is to keep those occupants safe. This is why you want to choose a restoration company that has prior commercial water damage experience. Your choice will not only protect your occupants from health hazards, but will protect you from any lawsuits down the road. Keeping the environment safe is more than simply awareness. Special equipment and supplies can help keep affected areas contained and prevent hazardous particulates from spreading to other areas. When choosing a restoration company, make sure they are equipped with this capability.
  • Age of structure: The age of your commercial building is another factor a trained restoration company will consider. Older structures commonly have lead-based paint, asbestos or other materials that if disrupted could be hazardous to the occupants in the structure. You need to work with a company that understands these risks and can properly mitigate the situation to keep the indoor environment safe.

Restoration Preparedness

Chances are, your commercial building is going to experience water damage at some point. Bottom line, you need to be prepared. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike to make the call to a restoration company, make the proper plans beforehand.

SERVPRO of South Garland offers commercial plans and contracts specific to the needs of your commercial building. Call us before disaster strikes and we can provide a sound restoration plan to fit the needs of your building.

In this plan, we will identify the size of your building, electrical capabilities, areas we can load-in our equipment and develop a contingency plan to fit the scope of your building.

Of course all restoration projects are different, but having a company that is familiar with your building, and who will be available anytime you call will drastically save you time and money if water damage occurs.

Choose SERVPRO of South Garland

(972) 278-7871

Make It Out Alive

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Fire Damage Make It Out Alive After a Fire Call SERVPRO of South Garland at 972-278-7871 and we will help get you back into your home.


Make It Out Alive

During A Fire

  •  Stay Low Crawl low under any smoke to your exit - heavy smoke and poisonous gases collect first along the ceiling.
  • Get out fast when the smoke alarm sounds. You may have only moments to escape safely.
  • If there is smoke blocking your door or first way out, use another route.
  • Smoke is toxic. If you must escape through smoke, get low and go under the smoke to your way out.
  • Before opening a door, feel the doorknob and door. If either is hot, leave the door closed and use your second way out.
  • If there is smoke coming around the door, leave the door closed and use your second way out.
  • If you open a door, open it slowly. Be ready to shut it quickly if heavy smoke or fire is present.
  • If you can’t get to someone needing assistance, leave the home and call 9-1-1 or the fire department. Tell the emergency operator where the person is located.
  • If pets are trapped inside your home, tell firefighters right away.
  • If you can’t get out, close the door and cover vents and cracks around doors with cloth or tape to keep smoke out.  Call 9-1-1 or your fire department. Say where you are and signal for help at the window with a light-colored cloth or a flashlight.
  • If your clothes catch fire, stop, drop, and roll – stop immediately, drop to the ground, and cover your face with your hands.  Roll over and over or back and forth until the fire is out.  If you or someone else cannot stop, drop, and roll, smother the flames with a blanket or towel.  Use cool water to treat the burn immediately for 3 to 5 minutes.  Cover with a clean, dry cloth.  Get medical help right away by calling 9-1-1 or the fire department.

Escaping the Fire

  • Make sure windows are not nailed or painted shut. Make sure security gratings on windows have a fire safety opening feature so they can be easily opened from the inside.
  • Consider escape ladders if your residence has more than one level, and ensure that burglar bars and other antitheft mechanisms that block outside window entry are easily opened from the inside.
  • Teach family members to stay low to the floor (where the air is safer in a fire) when escaping from a fire.
  • Clean out storage areas. Do not let trash such as old newspapers and magazines accumulate.

Fire Escape Planning for Older Adults and People Access or Functional Needs

  • Live near an exit. You'll be safest on the ground floor if you live in an apartment building. If you live in a multi-story home, arrange to sleep on the ground floor, and near an exit.
  • If you use a walker or wheelchair, check all exits to be sure you get through the doorways.
  • Make any necessary accommodations, such as providing exit ramps and widening doorways, to facilitate an emergency escape.
  • Speak to your family members, building manager, or neighbors about your fire safety plan and practice it with them.
  • Contact your local fire department's non-emergency line and explain your special needs. Ask emergency providers to keep your special needs information on file.
  • Keep a phone near your bed and be ready to call 911 or your local emergency number if a fire occurs.
  • Remember if you have had a fire and it was put out by the fire department there could also be hidden water damage, it is important that your home gets back to a safe living condition quickly. If soot stays in the materials in the home it can cause significant damage. If you have need of our services now, call us at (972) 278-7871. As a locally owned business, SERVPRO of South Garland is dedicated to restoring the homes of our neighbors.

Get IT out of my house!

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Mold Remediation Get IT out of my house! Call SERVPRO of South Garland about your mold today. (972)278-7871
What is “IT”. Well It is mold, and everyone seems scared of the fact that there might be mold in their home, and rightly so I don’t want to promote an atmosphere where mold could grow in my home. So what does mold need in order to thrive in your home and how can you keep that from happening. The first and most important thing that mold needs is it needs moisture. Without this key ingredient mold cannot grow. But mold can grow in things that as humans we might think are dry if we touch them but they are holding moisture in the materials. This is where having a professional restoration expert from SERVPRO of South Garland can determine with moisture meters when  the building materials in your home are dry enough so you do not have to worry about mold growing on them after you experience water soaking through your home. The second thing that mold needs in order to thrive is food, this could be the natural fibers of the carpet you have, dirt in the carpet or sub floor, the paper on the sheet rock, or the wood holding your home together.  So why get the mold out first the mold is destroying your home by feeding on the material keeping it together. Second it smells bad and the spores are airborne. Third If you have allergies you should contact you physician to see if mold affects you. SERVPRO of South Garland is a mold licensed remediation company and we follow all state laws to keep that certification and will help you through the process of getting you home mold free.

Call SERVPRO of South Garland to talk about your situation today (972) 278-7871   

How does mold grow in a house?

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Mold Remediation How does mold grow in a house? Call SERVPRO of South Garland (972)278-7871
So your house flooded and water was everywhere. Your husband said it would be just fine and he cleaned it up and it all seemed dry. Now it has been a few weeks and your starting to smell something that isn’t right. So you try and find where the smell is coming from and you notice something discoloring the walls around the area that was wet a few months ago. Well chances are that unless your husband was a water restoration expert he thought that the walls were totally dry but really they were still wet enough to support mold growth. So now you think that that you have mold in your home. It is recommended that no matter what type of mold you have in your home that you get the affected materials out of your house. So what now, the mold infection needs to be inspected and the inspection needs to be with a separate company that the one that will be doing the actual remediation work. The inspector sets up a scope of work that needs to be performed and will test the air for elevated amounts of mold spores, and test the surfaces to see how far the mold has affected. Once the inspector finishes the protocol he will give it to you and that is what you can take to remediation companies like SERVPRO of South Garland, and we can take care of the issue in your home by removing all of the affected porous materials such as carpet, pad, and drywall, then we will clean all wood or structure. After cleaning SERVPRO of South Garland will HEPA vacuum in the contained area.  After this process is complete the mold should be removed from your building, if needed you can have the mold inspector come back out to do a clearance test just to be totally sure that the mold is gone and your home and your family is safe.

SERVPRO of South Garland is mold certified and very professional call us at (972)278-7871 for all your mold remediation needs.

When Disaster Strikes

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Disaster Strikes Call us at (972)278-7871 when a storm damages your property

Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Floods, and fires: these are disasters that the people of North Texas are familiar. But what happen when one of those disasters happens to you or your neighborhood. Thankfully SERVPRO is ready to help get you cleaned back up. 
As soon as you call SERVPRO of South Garland we get teams on the way and headed out to assess the situation. Is the property secure, is there water that needs to be removed right away. Is a pack out necessary to store your treasures to keep them safe until your home can be put back together.  Our trained as certified restorers work hard to make sure that when disaster strikes we take care of you.  Recently there was a hail storm close to our location, and the calls started rolling in and out teams kicked into high gear to get everyone that we could stable and from getting more damage from secondary storms that were on their way. Here at SERVPRO of South Garland we are ready to be the hero that you need, and can trust to get you through any storm disaster. Call us at (972)278-7871 We will be there when you need us.

What are the Hazards of Water Heater Overflows?

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

What are the Hazards of Water Heater Overflows?

With the added elements of high temperature and late detection, the number of threats with water heater flooding exceeds that of normal flooding. Here are some things to look out for in the event of a water heater overflow:

  • Hot water burns– The initial burst of water from a heater is scalding hot, so be sure not to rush in, especially if you see steam. Use protective clothing before attempting anything. Ideally, call SERVPRO of South Garland to do the job for you. (972) 278-7871
  • Electrocution by water– A flooded basement carries the risk of having the water making contact with power outlets and exposed wiring. When this happens, the floodwater carries a strong electric current that’s enough to kill anyone. When you see your basement flooded, resist the impulse to dive into the water in an attempt to shut the leaking heater down. Contact SERVPRO of South Garland for help. Our professionals will be able to determine whether there’s an electrical threat or not. They’ll know the safest procedure for shutting down the water source and containing and extracting the water from your property.
  • Potential fire starter– Flooding doesn’t just create an electrical hazard, it can also short-circuit your electrical system and create sparks. Faulty electrical wiring is one of the most common causes of fire.
  • Water damage– When the water spills beyond the immediate surroundings of the heater and gets into your living and work spaces, the threat of water damage arises. Water can ruin carpets, damage wood, corrode metals and toast expensive appliances and machinery.
  • Mold growth– Mold spores can activate in places where there’s sufficient moisture and organic matter to sustain them. If your property was flooded by an overflowing heater, there’s a good chance that mold growth can follow suit. While seemingly harmless at first glance, mold can irritate our noses and skin when its spores are inhaled. But mold does not have to even get a chance to grow, SERVPRO of South Garland can stop it in its tracks.

Contact SERVPRO of South Garland now at (972) 278-7871

A water heater overflow is an emergency that should be addressed rapidly and decisively. The longer you wait the worse it can get and attempting to repair the water heater and clean up the water yourself could be dangerous and risky. Contact an experienced professional through SERVPRO of South Garland today for a quick and easy resolution to your problem. "We're Always Here to Help" 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Leaking Appliances

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Water Damage Leaking Appliances Call us with any issues you have had from leaking appliances!

Most household  floods and water damage are caused by plumbing or appliance failure, according to a study by a U.S. plumbing and drain service company.

The bill for these disasters can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This study shows that only about 8 percent of residential flooding claims are the result of weather. Thirty percent are caused by appliance failure like a dishwasher leak and 62 percent by plumbing failure a hose or pipe bursting.

So, in short, the majority of water losses are preventable.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps homeowners can take to protect their homes - and wallets -- from water damage.

  1. Dishwasher

Dishwasher lines and hoses can spring a leak or blow out, often in the middle of the wash cycle, and flood your kitchen with gallons and gallons of water. 

Prevent the problem: Never run the appliances if you're not going to be home, If a pipe bursts, you can minimize the damage by shutting off the water at the water supply line under the sink.

Prevention is key.

Rubber hoses commonly are used to supply water to a dishwasher, and they deteriorate over time. Replace the rubber hose with a much sturdier steel-braided hose found at most home improvement centers and hardware stores). Buying the hose and installing it yourself costs about $20.

  1. Washing machine

Malfunctioning dishwasher drains or water hoses result in some of the most common claims filed by homeowners, says Douglas Nadeau, a spokesman for State Farm. "Most homeowners leave washing machine water supply lines turned on so when a hose busts, water can discharge at up to 500 gallons per hour, causing major damage in a short period of time." Nadeau says.

Prevent the problem: Joseph King, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, suggests inspecting washing machine hoses often. "If they're original equipment and more than 5 years old, replace them with stronger steel-braided hoses," King says. These can be installed by a homeowner with a little guidance from a plumbing specialist at a home improvement or hardware store.

For added peace of mind, King suggests installing an automatic shut-off valve equipped with an alarm to alert you of any hose problems. This kind of valve costs about $100 but can save thousands of dollars if it detects a leak and prevents flooding.

  1. Leaky toilet

Any kinds of toilet leaks are signs of trouble. Cracks to the tank or toilet aren't common unless something hits the tank, such as a picture falling off the wall and hitting the "throne."

"More often than not, the supply line to the water tank develops a hole," Lazarus says.

Prevent the problem: it's better to replace a leaky toilet than to repair it. A new tank and bowl can run anywhere from $89 to $250 at a home improvement or hardware retailer. "If you hire a plumber to install the new tank or toilet, it may cost about $150 or more.

If the water supply line is the problem that's easy to repair. "Replace it with a metal-braided supply line because they tend to hold up better in the long run," he says.

Remember if all else fails call SERVPRO of South Garland (972)278-7871

Is Your Business Ready For Anything?

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Is Your Business Ready For Anything? Some of our fleet here at SERVPRO of South Garland

Did you know that it is estimated that up to 50% of small businesses that close due to a disaster, such as fire and flood, never reopen!

The unfortunate fact is, the chances of a business reopening after losing the amount of time it could take to recover form a disaster are very slim. 

However, of the companies that do survive, there is a defining factor at play; they almost always have an Emergency Readiness Plan. This plan will look different for each company, but it will touch on the following topics. 

  1. Training. Are your employees properly trained? Do your managers have the right numbers and protocols at hand to handle whatever situation may come their way? 
  2. Priorities. All employees must keep in mind as primary goal: stay safe, and preserve life. Buildings can be restored and damage can be fixed. However, there is no building or equipment that is worth a life!
  3. Have SERVPRO of South Garland at your fingertips to be there at any time in case of an emergency. So often, commercial owners and operators will be ready for the first phase of a disaster. We learned it when we were old enough to speak, and that is to dial 911. In the same way, your second. A true should be to call SERVPRO of South Garland to immediately begin remediating the damage caused. However, to save time in this unfortunate event, SERVPRO of South Garland offers a free Planning meeting to conduct a walk through of your business.  When we come to do this, we will be noting a few things:

A) what is the business type?

B) what are the operating hours?

C) who are our primary points of contact?

D) what are the possible risks in the current situation?

In addition to these points, we will do all in our power to be sure you are prepared and ready for whatever happens. 

For additional thoughts or concerns, please contact us at 972-278-7871!

The IIC.... what?

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of South Garland is a fully certified restoration company. But who does the certification? Upholding a high standard in this business is an important aspect that we do not take lightly, and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is there to help us every step of the way. 

So what is the IICRC? They say it best: 

"The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IIRC) is an international non-profit organization for the standardization and certification of the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries worldwide.

The IIRC is considered a Standards Developing Organization (SDO),  which means that they are responsible for developing and setting the standards of operation within these particular industries. The IIRC is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which is an organization that oversees the development of national standards, requirements for due process and other elements of approval set by the standard developer."

In short, they ensure, along with SERVPRO of South Garland, that all of our work we can do for any water loss you may have, is verifiable up to the highest standards possible. 

7 Tips to Preventing Home Fires

4/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 7 Tips to Preventing Home Fires Do not let your Home end up in Flames. Take these Tips and Follow them. but if you need SERVPRO of South Garland we are always here. (972)278-7871

7 Tips to Preventing Home Fires – Ignoring These Tips Can Be Detrimental to Your Life and Your Treasured Belongings...

One of the worst and scariest things that can happen is a home fire.

There are many factors at play to make this such a scary predicament. First of all, the danger of injury or death from a fire is always great. Approximately 3,400 deaths from home fire occur in the US each and every year. 

Beyond that, over 13,000 people are injured in over 360,000 home fires occurring each and every single year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration and FEMA website.

Between those statistics, and the other tragedy of losing your home, and your possessions, it's important that you take fire safety extremely seriously.

Many people don't think about fire safety until tragedy strikes, it could be to their own home, a family members, or even a good friend. This is often times to late. 

Of course we all lead busy lives, and that's one of the reasons this happens. However, it's not a sufficient excuse once you've lost everything...including possibly your life or that of a loved one.

So to prevent that from happening to you, we want to give you...

7 Tips for Preventing Home Fires and Keeping Your Family and Valuables Safe.

1: Take Extreme Caution When Cooking

The undeniable fact is that people simply aren't careful enough when it comes to cooking. This is the number one cause of home fires. 

One of the biggest dangers is the combination of hot splashing grease and unattended cooking. Hot grease can instantly burst into flames. So it's vital that you're always there to watch and make sure that grease does not splash.

Of course keeping flammable dish towels, paper towels, or pot holders next to an open flame is a recipe for disaster. Keep all of those clear from the stove.

Last but not least, make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand, ready to go at any moment in the kitchen, to immediately put out any fires

2: Keep Your Heating Equipment in Good Condition

Many fires start each and every year due to heating equipment that hasn't been maintained. You should have your home heating utilities inspected and cleaned annually. Just as well, fireplace and chimney cleaning should be part of your annual budget

Portable heaters are also a great danger when not used properly. Keep these heaters at least 3 feet away from anything flammable, such as curtains, bed sheets, and never dry clothes on them. Always unplug portable heaters when you leave the home.

3: Smoking in the Home Is a Fire Waiting to Happen

Smoking is a huge and obvious fire hazard, yet so many people carry on smoking in the home.

The easiest way to prevent a fire from cigarettes is to not ever smoke in the home. However if you insist on still smoking in the home, be sure never to smoke in bed. Most cigarette fires are started with people falling asleep with their cigarette lit.

Using deep ashtrays is highly recommended. Never use flammable items such as paper plates, bowls, or cups as an ashtray. And remember that a cigarette butt can burn and smolder for hours after you think it's been extinguished.

4: Electrical Fires Hide Around Every Corner

Electrical equipment makes our life easier in so many ways, but can also cause grave danger when it comes to fire safety.

It's important that you keep a close eye on your electrical equipment. Never use faulty equipment. Always watch for frayed or torn cords and wires. Never run a cord under furniture or rugs. Wires get hot. The insulation on wires can also tear in places that you can't see, and cause a fire when up against flammable material.

Also any electrical job in your home, should be done by a professional. Do-it-yourself electrical jobs very often go bad, simply because they're not performed completely properly. This is no time to take a shortcut or save money.

5: Candles Can Lead to Disaster

The candle market is huge. It's a multi-Billion dollar industry. While we love the way candles look and smell, especially during the holidays, the fact is that candles can be extremely dangerous. In essence, they're voluntary open flames left around your home. This can lead to disaster in many ways.

The most common cause of candle fires is because they're placed too close to flammable material such as curtains, table cloths, etc. Other ways that candle fires can easily start are from kids or pets knocking over candles that have been placed too low. It's important that you use a sturdy candle holder that's in no way flammable. Candles melt and the flame can very easily and quickly end up on a flammable source. Do a thorough walk through your home whenever candles are lit, and make sure all have been extinguished.

6: Curious Children and Fires Do Not Mix

Children are curious by fire. They may want to see what happens when something melts or becomes ablaze or are intrigued by how things melt. But obviously that's extremely dangerous and a huge hazard to the entire home.

The first step is to explain in great detail the full dangers of fire. This is the time that you want to scare you children a bit. You also want to be diligent about keeping any source of fire out of their reach. If you find anything like matches, lighters, or even notice burnt or melted toys in their room or play area, immediately take action. In this case it's better to assume that they're likely playing with fire and strongly re-iterate the dangers.

7: The Fire Dangers Behind Your Walls

We spoke about electrical equipment in the home, but the electricity that powers those appliances runs through wiring in your home, which can cause fires.

If your electricity frequently shuts off, or trips fuses or breakers then that's telling you that you have a problem. Faulty outlets and bad or old wiring can be dangerous.

Never try to be an electrician in the home if you're not one. Let a professional handle the electrical work in every situation. This decision could save your life, your family's life, as well as your home and all of your possessions in the home.

Keep smoke alarms in every room of your home, and frequently (do it now) check the batteries, and make sure that all are in working order.

Now that you know how to prevent fires in your home, you should take action now while it's fresh in your mind. Next post will be “ what you need to know to make it out safe”

Remember if you have had a fire and it was put out by the fire department there could also be hidden water damage, it is important that your home gets back to a safe living condition quickly. If soot stays in the materials in the home it can cause significant damage. If you have need of our services now, call us at (972) 278-7871. As a locally owned business, SERVPRO of South Garland is dedicated to restoring the homes of our neighbors.