What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

The Techs are professional, and efficient, They answered all of my questions, I would recommend them to everyone.  

Had leaking ice maker , slow drip under house and leaking toilet. SERVPRO came in and quickly assessed the water damage, cleaned and got rid of any mold. Very professional.

Went well. I would definitely hire again.

We had major water damage at our home after a water heater failed. The SERVPRO crew was at our home 2 hours after we place the call on a Sunday night. They tackled the problem in a quick, friendly, & professional manner. If you have water damage, this is the team to call.

We had a leak in the commode area of our bathroom and the plumber just cut an irregular hole in the drywell and told us to let it dry out - because things were a little damp.  We put a fan on it, but then I noticed what could be mold - which is never good.  SERVPRO South Garland came out, cut a very clean and precise opening in the wall, removed the mold, and discussed with us possible reasons for the leak - he even brought a ladder - to check the gutter system on the outside wall AND put on his complete asbestos gear to climb through our attic to see if he could find a leak.  No luck with all of that, but the leak has now gone away after re-calking the shower.  AND walls completely dry with NO mold.  They were nice, pleasant, efficient and we are very satisfied with their work.   Would call them back if I ever need help again.

Awesome job. I would use these guys again in a heartbeat if needed. Thanks for everything!

Wonderful job. It was obvious these guys knew what they were doing when they did a mold remediation on my home. They really put my mind at ease and I now feel like my home is safe. Thank you thank you! Highest recommendation!