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How To Rescue Someone From a Burning Building and Provide Burn Treatment

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

Keep a burn first aid kit in your car for such emergencies

The only thing more distressing than your business becoming destroyed as a result of fire damage is someone you’ve hired getting burned. Know what to do if one of your employees comes in direct contact with roaring flames.

How To Perform a Rescue

To safely remove someone from a blazing structure, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Immediately call 911.
  • Avoid smoke by staying close to the ground and covering your nose and mouth with a damp cloth.
  • Test doors with the back of your hand before opening. Leave them closed when you sense heat.
  • Move fast, as a structural collapse could be imminent.

Most importantly, use your head. Focus on every occupant’s safety and security before fretting over the amount of fire damage your office in Towngate, TX, has endured. You can concern yourself with hiring a commercial fire restoration service to help pick up the pieces later.

How To Treat Severe Burns
Keep a burn first aid kit in your car for such emergencies. Once you have retrieved it, check that the victim is breathing. If not, begin CPR immediately. Assuming the patient is conscious, provide reassurance that help is on its way.
Burns swell up fast, so remove restrictive items such as belts and jewelry. Keep the affected site elevated above heart level whenever possible and watch for signs of shock. Inform paramedics at once if you detect notably shallow breathing or a striking paleness.
Search your first aid supplies for a moist bandage or cloth and cover the affected area. Avoid submerging injuries in water, as doing so can trigger hypothermia. Blisters protect against infection, so never break them. Should one burst, clean the area with water and soap before applying antibiotic ointment.
No quantity of fire damage your company could ever suffer compares with the heartache of a burned staffer. Know how to safely and efficiently free someone from peril and then administer emergency assistance before rescue personnel arrives.

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